2017-04-21 CUBA

The charism of Champagnat inspires Cuban educators

Thirty-two educators of the Diocese of Cienfuegos gathered in the shrine of Paraíso from March 31 – April 2 for the sixth diocesan workshop.  

Our reflection was enriched with the difference in ages (predominantly youth and young adults), in levels of education (from primary to university) and in geographical distribution, (almost all the municipalities of the Province were present).

The workshop’s main topic was: “educational skills for the 21st century.” 

With the help of the spark, the experience and the competence of Brother Nicéforo Garrán, we analyse the indispensable innovations that the cultural change that we are living is demanding we incorporate, and the good practices of the traditional education that should be preserved.

We review and share new methodologies in the line of critical thinking, creativity and collaborative work.

The backdrop that inspired our workshop was the figure and charism of Marcellin Champagnat, the founder of the Marist Brothers, which is turning 200 years.

Hopefully, this workshop, as well as bringing new concerns, convictions and strengths to our vocation and work as educators, will translate into concrete applications in our classroom and in our schools. And that we may give out many compasses and nautical charts!


Br Carlos Martínez Lavín


?La Valla, the paths of a dream?...


Excouncillor and econome general...