2020-10-09 ARGENTINA

The Cruz del Sur Province thanks our educational staff for their efforts during the pandemic

Through its social networks, the Marist Province of Cruz del Sur thanked all the Marist educational  staff of Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay for having continued to educate with dedication despite the pandemic and for having reinvented themselves and acquired new technological skills to continue their tireless work of educating the children and young people of the Province.

In many cases, the work of the educational staff was not only limited to continuing to teach, but also to providing emotional support and even social assistance. In several “school and community” education centres, educators organised themselves to bring bags of food, clothes, texts and school materials to families in the less fortunate sectors.

In an effort to reach all students, Marist educators have made use of both new and old technologies. They have used the Internet (and its digital platforms), but they have also used radio to reach those students who do not have the Internet and new technologies in their homes.

In Argentina, the Community of the bilingual school Cacique Francisco Supaz, in Misión Nueva Pompeya, in Chaco, has created the Radio “Totnaj Pek” FM 94.9, to provide classes and to continue staying in contact with the students. And in the same way, the Marcellin Champagnat School, located in the heart of Villa Banana de Rosario, has created the programme “Recreo: la voz de la Champa” (Recreation: the voice of  Champa), through which educators (teachers and professors) are transformed into journalists, announcers and reporters, and deal with different types of problems.

The testimonies of the educators in the province were published on social networks during September. You can read the comments and opinions of the educators from the three countries that make up the province through the hashtag #GraciasEducadoresMaristas, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


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