2023-03-30 COLOMBIA

The encounter of laymen and laywomen with a public linkage

Participants came from different parts of Colombia, Norandina Province, 20 laymen and women with a public link to the Marist charism, met in Cali, Colombia, from March 17 to 20 to reflect on the topic: “Where is the strength of my linkage?”.

This space of integration allowed those present to strengthen the charism of the lay Marist, in the light of the calls of the VII Provincial Chapter.

On the first day, the participants reflected on the centrality of Jesus in their lives, on being Lay Marists, and on Mary as a wonderful companion on their journey.

On the second day, emphasis was placed on the importance of vocation, The “Formula of public linkage” and the circular of Br. Ernesto “Homes of Light” were examined to deepen the motivation behind the decision to join the charism and the promotion of this charism.

The event culminated with a Eucharist to celebrate what had been experienced during the three days. Afterward, symbols and individual charts were offered.

In the context of the event, the assembly proposed some ideas to project the Marist Laity’s journey during 2023.


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