2023-10-27 ROMANIA

The Marist Center of Moinești has joined the National Network of Day Centers

The National Network of Day Centers (ZI RO Center) has recently been created in Romania, on the initiative of the humanitarian organization “CONCORDIA”, and the Marist Center of Moinești – managed by the Lavalla200> Community made up of two brothers and a laywoman – has been adhered immediately.

The Marist Center of Moinești has existed since January 2020. Three local professionals work with the international Marist community: an educator, a psychologist, and a social worker, who is also the coordinator of the activities. The Center supports 18 children at high risk of dropping out of school and social exclusion, who receive a hot lunch, help with their homework and other educational and recreational activities.

The Network of Day Centers in Romania aims to bring together the largest possible number of center professionals who work daily with children and their families, to create development opportunities through collaboration, support and commitment, and form a single community and voice.

The official launch took place on September 26 in Bucharest. Numerous social workers and important national politicians and members of the European Parliament participated. Present on behalf of the Marist Center were Brother Mario Meuti and the coordinator Mariana Mirón.

The central theme of the debate at the conference that marked the launch of the network was, above all, the role of day centers presented as one of the best solutions for children and families in situations of serious socioeconomic difficulty, and who often lack of a hot meal, clothing, school supplies, and even housing, to the point of neglecting and abandoning school and family life.

Prevention is done in day centers. And children affected by serious situations of marginalization are helped, multidisciplinary and integrated work is carried out, individual assistance is provided based on needs, and all of this in the most flexible, pragmatic, and creative way possible. Day centers are safe and welcoming places, but also laboratories of innovation and development for vulnerable children and families. Therefore, investing in day centers is the safest and most necessary investment, both in the present and in the future.

In Romania there are 860 day centers for children, of which 74% are in urban areas and only 26% in rural areas. They cover 30% of social needs. In rural areas, social services are insufficient, and this is the population that needs them most. In reality, about 3,000 such centers would be needed.

Policy makers have been strongly urged to prioritize adequate financing, diversify sources, and improve the efficiency of payment mechanisms to ensure the delivery of quality social services. Unfortunately, Romania ranks last among European countries for its social policies.

Without a doubt, the Network of Day Centers in Romania will play a role in putting pressure on and increasing public attention to the problems of poverty and social marginalization.


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