2021-05-12 CANADA

The Marist Champagnat Association of Canada (AMCC) is created

Following the Extraordinary General Assembly (EGA) of the Marist Lay Association of Canada (MLA), which took place on the 17th April, the members of the MLA voted and unanimously accepted the creation of the Association of Champagnat Marists of Canada (AMCC), an inclusive association where all, brothers and laypeople, will be brought together to support Marist life and mission. During the assembly the members of the AMDL also had the opportunity to make changes to the general regulations in order to allow the Marist brothers to join the AMCC.

“At the beginning of the General Assembly, an excerpt from the text “Leadership in times of uncertainty” written by Brother Luis Carlos, Vicar General, was proposed to the assembly for reflection. The pastoral approach put forward by this article proposes to continue to develop Marist leadership in these difficult times in which we are living. Indeed, we are invited to be “beacons of hope” by being bold, trusting and fraternal with one another.

In addition, in order to put the members of the assembly in context, a summary was presented of the journey of collaboration undertaken, brothers and laypeople together, over the last 35 years, because: “we are not responding to a spontaneous generation” pointed out the provincial, Brother Gérard Bachand. The movements of Association where the laity express their desire to collaborate in the Marist life and mission began in 1985 with the AMI (Marist Association of Iberville) and continued with the MMQ (Marist Movement of Quebec) in 2002. It was in 2013 that the AMDL came into being: “It is an important step, which leads us to consider the laity as partners and no longer as simple collaborators” says Brother Gérard.

It is in this vein that the Board of Directors of the AMDL worked with a lawyer to propose to the members modifications to the Association’s regulations in order to become the AMCC. These proposals gave rise to rich conversations, particularly around the importance of maintaining a link with Marist works. “


Preparatory Commission Team


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