2020-10-01 BRAZIL

The Marist mission is also dedicated to supporting health in hospitals

The Marist Institute is recognized worldwide for its work in defence of education and the rights of children and adolescents. But did you know that in Brazil the mission of being a beacon of hope in a turbulent world also includes the field of healthcare?

In Curitiba there are two medical institutions that are part of the Province of Brasil Centro-Sul. The Marcelino Champagnat Hospital and the Cajuru University Hospital, which are focused on humanitarian care and the constant search for the well-being of patients. In Porto Alegre, Brasil Sul-Amazônia Province, the São Lucas Hospital, linked to PUCRS, carries out the same mission in the province.

In these hospitals, Health joins Education in collaboration with academic training, since the hospitals offer the infrastructure and adequate accompaniment for practices in health areas.

The two hospitals in the Province of Brasil Centro-Sul

Cajuru University Hospital

The University Hospital of Cajuru (HUC) has many specialties, and is recognised by the Trauma, Emergency and Surgical Emergency Service. It is the leading hospital and the largest first aid hospital in Paraná. It specializes in surgical procedures in the areas of general and traumatological surgery, orthopaedic and neurological surgery, as well as being a training centre for courses of the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Health and Biosciences of PUCPR.

The Institution provides approximately 13,500 services per month, 100% through the Unified Health System (SUS). It is also recognized for its kidney transplants, of which it performs an average of 80 transplants each year. The Hospital has a success rate of more than 90% in renal grafting and patient survival. These are the best results in Paraná, according to the State Transplant Centre.

HUC was inaugurated in 1958 and belonged to the “Uni├úo dos Ferrovi├írios” (Railway Union) until 1977, when it was acquired by the Associa├ž├úo Paranaense de Cultura (APC). Since then, it continues to be modernised. For example, during the celebration of its 62nd anniversary, it inaugurated a new Diagnostic Centre. More information.

Marcellin Champagnat Hospital

Marcelino Champagnat Hospital (HMC) was created with a commitment to providing comprehensive care to its patients, based on medical principles of quality and patient safety. It is renowned for its medium and high complexity surgical procedures. Among its specialties are: cardiology, neurosurgery, orthopaedics and general and bariatric surgery, as well as different medical check-up services.

The HMC, opened in 2011, has an area of 28 thousand square meters, 116 hospital beds, 72 offices and more than 750 accredited doctors. More information.

Working together in times of pandemic

During the pandemic, cooperation between Marist institutions was further strengthened. Academics from PUCPR – from the courses of Medicine, Nursing, Computer Engineering, among others – also made their knowledge available, to care for the patients in the two hospitals of the Province of Brasil Centro-Sul. In addition, to study the new coronavirus on a daily basis and exchange information, PUCPR has a research group made up of professors, researchers, students and health professionals. Look at some of the findings of this joint work.

In times of confinement, the use of technology to reduce stress among patients admitted with Covid-19 and their families was highlighted in the press. The Human Robotics initiative, promoted by PUCPR, developed physical robots for care and even face-to-face interaction in hospitals.

Another initiative that had great impact was the tribute to the International Day of Nursing, where the Marists sent words of encouragement and thanks to the health professionals.


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