2014-07-14 GENERAL HOUSE

The Marists defend the social and solidarity economy

On 3 July, during the 2nd meeting of the High Level Political Forum of the Organisation of the United Nations in New York, the recommendations of the Social and Solidarity Economy were officially presented to the States members of the UNO, as well as to their representatives and agencies.

The document contains the recommendations for the promotion of a just, social and solidaristic society, and emphasises that the well-being of each person should be the principal objective of the policy of economic development. 

FMSI (Marist Foundation for International Solidarity) and the IMS (Marist Solidarity Institute, of « Brasil Centro-Norte ») are among the hundreds of institutions which have signed the document.

The document has been delivered in three languages and is available here in PDF format: English | Español | Français


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