2018-05-10 NIGERIA

The ?New Horizons? implementation committee adopts three new initiatives

The “New Horizons” implementation committee of the Nigeria province held a strategic planning meeting on April 14 in Enugu during which it came up with three new initiatives.

They include sharing the best practices among the province’s schools, leadership training, and skills on strategic planning.

Gathered at the provincial house in Iva-Valley, the committee’s members – Brothers Ifeanyi Mbaegbu, Henry Uzor, Augustine Nze, Moses Fegher, and two lay people, Adaoma Nwoye and Emmanuel Umeagukwu – reviewed the reports that each the school had sent with a list of their achievements and activities.

The achievements included: formation of students’ government inspired by participatory leadership model; punishment without tears initiative; workshop on child’s rights; seminar on environmental pollution; community service by staff and students; lessons for weak students; more use of teaching materials; upward review of staff salary; centralisation of payments and purchases in schools.

But there are three other initiatives that the schools are still working on: that all Marist schools be computer based by the end of 2018; the establishment in all Marist schools of a unified, strong and functional website for communication and learning by the end of 2018; the training of more staff to be part of the “New Horizons” programme through a yearly workshop with two representatives from each school.

To achieve this third initiative, the committee has organised a workshop which will take place on May 25 to train 20 people.

Once these initiatives have been completed, the province of Nigeria will move on to the second phase of the “New Horizons”.


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