2011-11-15 SPAIN

The novitiate for all the provinces of Europe

The novitiate for all the provinces of Europe is in Sevilla. There Fabio is in his second year. Along with him is Rui, who is in his first year. Both belong to the Marist Province of Compostela and they are both from Portugal. Three other brothers complete the community.

Among their initiatives is the creation of a Bulletin by means of which they wish to share their experiences with those nearby, as well as with novices and young people in formation in other places and with youth who may be interested in learning what goes on in the novitiate. We are proud of this beautiful initiative that will allow them to open the doors of their house so that we can enter and learn how two young Marist novices live the process of formation. We welcome this new Bulletin, which will broaden the already abundant information that we bring together on our web page.

You will be able to follow this information in the section "news", where we post the most up-to-date items that we receive.

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