2009-08-24 MEXICO

The participants comment

From the10th to the 31st of July 2009, a Patrimony course, under the direction of Br. Aureliano Brambila, was held at Loma Bonita (Guadalajara, México), with the aim of entering into contact with the personality of Fr. Champagnat, through the sources we have available. The seven participants here share their impressions:

?It was agreeable, appropriate and affirming. In my case, it allowed me to appropriate the knowledge, to learn from my companions, and to make use of the valuable learning resources.?

?It gives us the opportunity of testing our daring in investigation, then we can count on material more than sufficient to gather all the data necessary for the most complete presentation possible, while among ourselves, we assist one another with timely information?.

?Very good and suitable to allow us to have direct contact with the sources.?

?The methodology helps us in understanding the topics. It leads us to express ourselves and to pay attention in an organized manner?.

?The methodology I consider very suitable for researching and investigating the thought, attitudes and mentality of Marcellin. And especially to study various active and passive letters in detail to gain a general overall view.?

?The personal research, as well as the individual presentations were very valuable for their scientific seriousness?.

?The energy and dedication we put into investigating and explaining the documents were recognized by the director of the course and by the group, such as the clarification, the refining and the correction of dates and situations, when pertinent?.

?I have learned a little more about his personality as natural, demythologizing postures and additions pious but unfounded. I have progressed in the knowledge of Fr. Champagnat, as a man and a child of his time, with all the historical, social, religious circumstances inseparable for each person. At the same time, this vision has made shine out with new clarity the person of the man of faith, who was full of the Spirit above all. In demythologizing Marcellin, there appears the authentic joy which gradually reveals itself through his personal history. The fluctuations of circumstances and the inconstancy of persons put him to the test, but his fidelity to the Lord meant that his house remained intact, built on rock?.

The key to a wider view and a discernment of our presence among children and young people today cannot be simply limited to Champagnat?s apostolic practices, but will be seen better running through the mosaic of all his intuitions and intentions, which spring from a heart full of the Spirit and of Mary.


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