2020-02-05 BRAZIL

The post-novitiate brothers in the region of South America followed a formation course in Curitiba

During the month of January, the Marist Province of Brasil Centro-Sul received Post-Novitiate Brothers of the Region of América Sur, from different countries, with different approaches, life stories and formation on Consecrated Life.

For three weeks the brothers participated in a training course; something new within the Marist Institute; whose objective is to strengthen interculturality, coexistence and support between the provinces that make up the region of South America.

The training took place from the 6th to the 24th January at the Marist Champagnat Centre and was attended by fifteen young brothers who have made their first vows and are in the process of preparing for their final vows. They represent the five Provinces making up the Region (Brasil Centro-Sul, Brasil Centro-Norte, Brasil Sur-AmazĂ´nia, Santa MarĂ­a de los Andes and Cruz del Sur).

The group was accompanied by a team of Brother Advisers made up of Brothers Otalivio Sarturi (Brasil Centro-Sul), CĂ©sar Borja (Cruz del Sur), Vitor Pravato and Joilson de Souza Toledo (Brasil Centro-Norte), and under the guidance of Brothers Alberto AparĂ­cio, Executive Secretary of the Region of South America; Ă“scar Martin Vicario (General Councillor) and SebastiĂŁo Ferrarini (Brasil Sur-AmazĂ´nia), who contributed to the formation. Throughout the days, the participants also received a visit from their Provincial Superiors.

Itinerary based on three topics

Until now, each Province held a meeting of young Brothers and a longer formation, lasting four months, for those who were very close to making perpetual vows. At the suggestion of the Provincials, from now on, annual modules will be held, always in January, bringing together members from various countries.

“There are three topics: Consecration, Fraternity and Mission. The experience is organised each year around one main topic, which will guide the activities. These three themes are the basis of the Rule of Life (the Institute’s new document describing how the Marists live the Gospel). After working on the three topics, the Consecration is worked on again, with other Councillors, in other places, alternating the languages of the Provinces”, explains Brother Joilson, who also emphasises the dynamism since each year new brothers will be part of the group and others will leave.

“It is a project based on a journey. This group of Brothers is participating in the first stage. There will be a rotation by the provinces. This year, the main focus was on the Consecration”, reports Br. Otalivio.

Local community experience

Also part of the programme is an immersion in a local community, with the participation of young brothers in the activities of the Marist Solidarity Mission, from the 20th to the 22nd January, together with collaborators from the Province of Brasil Centro-Sul, laypeople and young people from the Vida Feliz programme and the Young Laity.

Cruz del Sur, in 2021

Once the itinerary is completed in Curitiba, the participants will return to their communities and follow the task assigned to them, whether studying or on a mission.

In January 2021, they will meet again, this time in the Province of Cruz del Sur.


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