2019-01-25 FRANCE

The premiere of the play The Fifth Gospel

"Here is some good news Antonio". This was how Brother Alain Delorme began his message a few days ago. The news published by the media in France is that the second edition of the Père-Jacques-Hamel prize created in 2017 has been awarded to the film of the play The Fifth Gospel. This work, written by the young Dominican Brother Adrien Candiard and filmed by Francesco Agnello, contains texts taken from the writings of Brother Henri Vergès, the first religious murdered on May 8th, 1994 in Algeria and beatified on December 8th in Orán, together with 18 other martyrs. The film highlights the thoughts of Brother Henri Vergès, matured during almost 25 years of his time spent in Algeria, carrying out his mission as educator based on the Marist charism.


The Père-Jacques-Hamel Award

The prize was created in 2017, as a tribute to the Norman priest murdered in 2016 in his church, and it awards a prize for a work (article, book, documentary…) which highlights initiatives for peace and interreligious dialogue.

The Fifth Gospelwas broadcast by CFRT (Comitéfrançais de radio-télévision, producer of Jour du Seigneur) in June 2018.

The jury also made a special mention of the Muslim theologian Nayla Tabbara and the journalist from La Croix Marie Malzac for her bookIslam through the eyes of a woman, published by Bayard editions in October 2018.


Br. Antonio Estaún, General Postulator


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