2016-05-10 FRANCE

The Promise and Commitment

This is the fourth year that Institute offered a ‘recovery’ weekend to laity and Brothers in France in Notre Dame de l’Hermitage. 

A group of 40 laity and Brothers accepted the invitation to meet, share their life experiences, listen and interiorise from April 2 – 4. The vocational coordination team in France focused this year’s topic on Promise and commitment.

During the first afternoon, they gathered using a symbol of a personal Marian path already travelled.

In their expressions, one could see that the presence of the promise of the first Marists in Fourvière filled their hearts.

The following day, three witnesses presented with simplicity and trust, the life choice that they had made: their commitment in the field of education, in the business world and in the field of the family.

The three topics touched their hearts, perhaps even provoked them in a way, but the topics especially raised a reflection on themselves. 

At the end of the gathering, each participant wrote their own promise, a promise that will guide their path.


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