2021-09-17 BRAZIL

The Province of Brasil Centro-Sul takes on three new schools

In keeping with Marcellin Champagnat’s mission to form good Christians and virtuous citizens, the Marist Province of Brasil Centro-Sul and the Marist Group have expanded their educational offerings in the states of São Paulo and Mato Grosso do Sul by taking over the administration of three schools.

Espírito Santo do Pinhal and Adamantina

In the state of São Paulo, the expansion is taking place with the integration of two Catholic schools from the Sisters of the Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus congregation (Brazilian Province of the Sacred Heart of Jesus / PBSCJ), one in the city of Espírito Santo do Pinhal and the other in Adamantina, which will continue to be in line with the Sisters and the historical respect of the educational establishments.

“For some years now, the Schools of the SCJ Sisters have collaborated significantly with FTD Educação, in the adoption of some didactic references, especially the religious education proposal, adopted in all the Units of the Sacred Network, in addition to an effective participation in INTEGRA CONFESSIONAIS of our Publishing House. Considering that the future of the world and of the Church belongs to the children and young people, we celebrate with this news the strengthening of the bonds that unite the two congregations in favour of the continuity, development and Christian evangelisation of our students”, declared Brother Benê Oliveira, Provincial Superior of PMBCS.

Campo Grande

The Province also recently announced a new educational unit in the city of Campo Grande, in Mato Grosso do Sul. It is the Colégio Marista Alexander Flemming. The school was founded in 1981 by educator Dulce Botelho Ferreira. On 18 August, employees, students and family members received the Marist proposal for a new beginning in 2022. The person leading the transition and taking over the direction of the school is José Carlos Pereira, current manager of the area of Identity, Mission and Vocation of the Directorate of Basic Education of the Marist College.

“Our main objective is to provide the best academic excellence and excellence in values. We will respect tradition and look to the future with hope, seeking innovation and the best experience for the school community,” the new principal emphasised.

In line with the General Chapter

In addition to expanding its educational offer, the Province has created the brand “Marista Escolas Sociais” and has transformed the 22 free socio-educational units into school units for infant, primary and secondary education (philanthropy of the Marist Group).

These decisions are in line with some of the Calls of the XXII General Chapter of the Marist Institute which asks to be bridge builders with children and young people on the margins of life, and to respond to emerging needs.

“For all together, the ideals, vitality, innovation, viability, sustainability and perenniality of the mission, we are witnesses that the dream, prophecy and mission of St. Marcellin Champagnat are still alive and well in PMBCS”, according to Benê Oliveira.


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