2021-02-23 SPAIN

The Province of Compostela holds its first assembly for the laity

60 lay men and women representing the different groups formed in the Marist Province of Compostela took part in the provincial assembly of Lay Marists, which was held virtually on February 13 and 14. This meeting was the final phase of the process of reflection on the laity, which began in September under the slogan #I HaveThe Marist Heart.

During the round table, Manuel Gómez, Deputy Director of the Institute’s Secretariat for the Laity, Br. Tomás Briongos, Provincial of Compostela, and Eladio Díez, Provincial Coordinator of the Marist Laity Team, spoke about the history, the current reality and the lines for the future of the Marist laity in Compostela and at the Global Level.

Following the contributions of 243 lay men and women of the province who since last year have been working on the theme of defining the role of the lay Marist in the province, the participants in this assembly dealt in groups with the 4 axes of lay life:

  • Vocation: How to build who I am and the path I want in my Marist life? Proposals of what we can do / care for, to nourish our vocation.
  • Mission: “The external response to the needs that I perceive in my environment from my deep sensitivity, my willingness to make decisions, the certainties that sustain me and the deep ties in doing”.
  • Spirituality: “We ask ourselves about the meaning of our existence: Who am I? What am I living for? What can I do to improve my own life? Who do I belong to? Who am I responsible for? Questions like these inhabit our minds and hearts.”
  • Fraternity: “We Marists understand the community or group as a privileged space for human, Christian and Marist growth; space to share life and grow together; space where the experience of God can become more meaningful.”

On the second day, through their coordinator, Br. Lisardo Garcia, the Marist Life team presented the Marist Life Itinerary they are developing, and also reflected on the lay link to the charism.

The 3 main priorities supported by the Assembly are:
  • To accompany people who want to live a Marist spirituality.
  • To call for experiences of sharing life (spirituality, fraternity) in the Brothers’ communities coinciding with feasts or significant liturgical moments.
  • Promote the development of people through care: discovering talents and motivations that lead to the discovery in each educator: hidden leadership, taste for teamwork, follow-up of special cases that involve an above-average capacity for listening.

After two intense days, the assembly concluded with a Mass and the celebration of the participants who exchanged their opinions and their common feeling of being part of the Marist Family.


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