2022-01-19 SPAIN

The Province of Compostela relaunches a Vocational Animation Plan

With the aim of promoting and generating areas where young people can follow their paths of search and discernment, the Province of Compostela has created, in 2021, the Vocation Animation Plan. And now, in view of the Year of Marist Vocations (20 May 2022 – 6 June 2023), the plan is unveiled and highlights the importance of promoting vocation animation in all areas of the Province.

This plan is an invitation to all the people – brothers and laypeople – who make up the Marist family in the Province, to care for and promote the culture of vocations, creating areas where young people can welcome and embrace the calls they feel in their Marist journey. And that, during these experiences, they feel accompanied by those who are their closest contacts.

“It is necessary that the whole community (be it the educational community, the parish, the Province as a whole…) recognise the importance of vocations promotion and commit themselves to it, each one in their own area of intervention. Only in this way can a true vocational culture be created”, reads the introduction to the Plan, which is online.

The Vocation Animation Plan is a response to two great calls. On the one hand, the General Chapter of 2017, which invites all the brothers to “be more present among young people, accompanying them with proactive vocational proposals and renewing our vocational action plans”. And, on the other hand, the Provincial Chapter of 2018, which calls to care for Marist life and vocation.

Presented by the Province’s Youth and Vocation Ministry Team in May 2021, the Plan brings together the reflections and work carried out in vocation animation in recent years.


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