2021-10-08 ARGENTINA

The Province of Cruz del Sur promotes the Plaza de las Infancias (Children’s Square)

In the framework of the project Abrazando Infancias, promoted in all the educational centres of the Marist Province Cruz del Sur, the Provincial Team of Education and Innovation began on September 27th the virtual fair Plaza de las Infancias, which will end on Friday, October 8th.

Brother Marcelo De Brito, Vice-Provincial, said during the opening: “The Plaza de las Infancias is a celebration that marks a point of arrival on the road, and which, at the same time, relaunches the project embracing childhoods, towards a stage of deepening and consolidation of the principles and outlook, but also of new listening in a constant search. It is an event that allows us to bring the voices of the educators, but also those of the children of the initial level and the first cycle of primary school and their families, through the stories and narratives of each of the schools that will join their journey throughout these two weeks”.

The Plaza de las Infancias presents encounters, dialogues, moments of reflection, celebration, learning and expression through webinars, assemblies, exchanges, narratives and presentations of pedagogical projects, shared games and other activities where children, adolescents and young people (NNAyJ) are at the centre of the Marist Mission. The virtual fair is part of the Embracing Childhood project that seeks to welcome each child from their uniqueness and way of being, through teachers who accompany and intervene based on play, interest, listening and curiosity.

“It is an innovation in the province that all the schools are looking at their pedagogical proposal from a common point of view, with a shared horizon and a collaborative construction” explained Brother Marcelo, after thanking all the principals, teachers, school guidance teams and families who made the virtual fair possible. I hope that we can enrich ourselves and enjoy these two weeks that we will join through our screens. May it allow us to visualise each one of us as a vital part of something much bigger and more valuable at the very heart of the Marist mission”, concluded the Vice-Provincial.

More information about the event on the website of the Plaza de las Infancias.


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