The Provincial Council of the Star of the Sea Province visited the Solomon Islands

The Provincial Council of the Star of the Sea Province visited the Solomon Islands as part of the second gathering of its expanded meetings of the year. The event was held from May 20 to 24 in Honiara, the capital of the Solomon Islands.

During its visit, the Provincial Council met with the new Advisory Board of St Joseph’s Catholic Secondary School in Tenaru. They talked about the challenges and plans. On the other hand, the Council acknowledged the planning and organization of Brothers John Hazelman and Kevin Wanden.

At the end of the meeting, the Council was satisfied with the achievements in Solomon Islands, and also to share time with the Brothers and Marist colleagues and supporters.

Among the highlights of the visit were:

  • A welcome assembly at St Joseph’s where we were greeted with traditional dances by the students and local customs.
  • A meeting and meal with the Brothers and lay Marists.
  • A meeting and lunch with the members of the new Board of the College.
  • A tour of the College.
  • A meeting with Ruth Hihiru who has been the lay partnership coordinator in Melanesia for some years.
  • A meeting with Benedict Tooming, who had travelled from Bougainville, to discuss developments and issues at Mabiri and Tenaru.
Marist Community

The Marist Community is called “Laumanasa House”: it is the name of the property and Formation Centre at Tenaru. It is named “Laumanasa” in honour of Br Alphonsus Laumanasa, the first Solomon Islander to die as a Marist Brother. Laumanasa House is the formation centre for candidates and aspirants to the Marist Brothers from Melanesia (Papua New Guinea, Bougainville, and the Solomon Islands).  Currently there are four Brothers in the community: Simon Serero, Community Leader; Epalle Taega who is completing the final year of his education studies at Solomon Islands National University; Hudson Horoto, who took his final vows last year and is undertaking some further study this year; Sixtus Winduo who has been appointed as Principal of St Joseph’s College until the end of 2025. There are also two Aspirants in residence: John Chipuruka and Randall Muriatu. They will continue their formation in Timor Leste as Postulants.

Marist School

The St Joseph’s Catholic Secondary School has been administered by the Marist Brothers for nearly 80 years, on behalf of the Bishop of the Archdiocese of Honiara. The school is next to Laumanasa House, at Tenaru. It has a reputation as a high performing school and therefore has significant demands on its enrolments. Classes are large, with some as high as 75 students. Its student population is nearly 800 and all but 100 are boarders, both girls and boys.


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