2022-02-22 GENERAL HOUSE

The Second Assembly of the Marist Solidarity International Network

The second assembly of the Marist Solidarity International Network (MSIN) took place online in February 01 and 16, 2022. Its Executive Committee composed of the Secretariat of Solidarity and the representatives from the Marist regions organized it. All the participants were from the Marist regions.

During the first session, 84 participants took part. It started with a welcome address from Br. Ángel Diego (Director of the Secretariat of Solidarity) followed by a moment of prayer led by Br. Francis Lukong, Assistant Director.

Br. Ernesto Sánchez (Superior General) was present and addressed the assembly. He invited the participants to be “prophetic voices” of our time.

Besides the main objective of the assembly which was to launch the Working Groups to carry out the activities of the MSIN, the five documents namely Handbook, Strategic Plan, Operational Plan Glossary, and the MoU of the MSIN were presented to the Assembly for approval.

Work in the five Working Groups, namely Education in Solidarity, Child Rights, Ecology, Social works, and NGOs started on the 04th and continued the 09th of February, to prepare for the second session on February 16, 2022.

The last session of the assembly took place on February 16, 2022. 75 participants attended. Br. Ángel Diego (the Moderator) welcomed them Br. Vicente Falchetto led the prayer. This was followed by a short speech from Br. Ken, the link General Councillor, in which he commended the Working Groups for the work done and encouraged them to continue the good work.

The English and the Spanish language Working Groups respectively took turns to present the outcome of their work. They each outlined their objectives, lines of action and concrete actions. To conclude this session of presentations, Br. Fachi Valdícer, the director of the department of Collaboration for Mission, International (CMI) was given a chance to say something about the CMI and its volunteering mission.

Br. Ángel Diego presented the results of the approval of the five documents of the MSIN. From the figures and graphic representations, it was clear that the assembly had approved all of them by 97.6%.

The last intervention for the day was from Br. Luis Carlos (Vicar General). In his address, he thanked the Working Groups for work well done and encouraged them to continue in like manner to realize the Institute’s dream of a Marist global family.

The assembly ended with words of thanks from Br. Ángel Diego who recognised the efforts of everyone and the encouragement of the General Council in supporting the MSIN to carry out its mission.


Br Francis Lukong – Secretariat of Solidarity


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