2020-08-26 GENERAL HOUSE

The Secretariat of Laity talks about the lessons and challenges of the health crisis

In the following video, the members of the Secretariat of Laity tell us how they are living the experience of the health crisis caused by the COVID-19. “A lesson that I have felt has to do with realizing how fragile we are as persons. A fragility that Champagnat himself experienced. And the relevance that others have, the family, the friends who are capable of accompanying you“, expresses Raúl Amaya, Director of the Secretariat.

Ana Saborío, from Central America, says in relation to the challenge, that at this “crucial moment we must provide, as Marists, networks, global interconnections between all the Marists of the world so that they can take care of one another“.

All the members of the Secretariat, the directors (Raúl Amaya – Santa María de los Andes, Agnes Reyes – East Asia, Pep Buetas – L’Hermitage, Manuel Gómez Cid – Mediterránea) and the members of the Extended Secretariat (João Luis Fedel – Brasil Centro-Sul, Carole Wark – Australia, Ana Saborío – América Central and Br. Elias Iwu – Nigeria) took part in the video.


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