2020-08-01 ECUADOR

The “Sharing the Journey” project in Quito has been helping immigrants for two years

Two years and two months after its inauguration (June 6, 2018), 209 migrants have been helped by the Marist project “Sharing the Journey”, of the Province of Norandina, which is taking place in the San José retreat house in El Inca, in the city of Quito, Ecuador. The majority of the immigrants have been Venezuelans, some Colombians, Cubans, Haitians, a Peruvian, a Ugandan, a Portuguese, a Nicaraguan, among others.

“In these months of the coronavirus pandemic, which is somewhat disastrous for Ecuador, the 28 migrants we are currently helping are complying with the provisions and protective care implemented by the authorities. We have not had any health problems; our time is dedicated to work in the gardens, sports, recreation and also to spiritual reflection, almost, as in the first Marist community”, explained Brother Mariano Morante.

As part of the internal organization, the migrants help with the house’s chores, since there is only one coordinator. The cleaning, both personal and community, is done by the life groups, as well as the preparation of food, the washing of dishes, clothes and other collaborations that have allowed the creation of a family atmosphere, typical of the Marists.

“Besides the management team, the programme is supported by the community, some volunteers, the fraternities, teachers, etc. The actions carried out with national institutions committed to the protection of vulnerable populations, as much in food as in equipment for cleaning and health protection, have allowed a highly significant economic saving”, concluded Brother Mariano and the Solidarity Team.

The “Sharing the Journey” project

Sensitive to the calls of the XXII General Chapter, to respond audaciously to the emerging situations of our reality, the Province of Norandina, through the Marist Ecuadorian Grouping, inaugurated on 6 June 2018 the Programme “Sharing the Journey” to support migrants in vulnerable situations, which provides first aid, food, spiritual accompaniment, training and legal assistance.


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