2012-05-17 SRI LANKA

The vocation and the role of the lay partners

The lay partners of the Marist Brothers in Sri Lanka had a special encounter at the Marcellin Nivasa in March to add new spirit to their role.

Bro. Joseph Peiris and the three members who took part in the Asian regional seminar explained very clearly the vocation and the main role of the lay partners. After a brief life sharing the members discussed as to how they should proceed. A plan of action was drawn. There was a proposal to inform the Brothers in India and Pakistan to look into the ways of establishing the vocation of lay partners in their own sectors. Mr. Chanka Siymbalapitiya was named as the convener of the group.

Following are some of the activities suggested by the group:

1.To meet once in two months.

2. To take part in the monthly recollection of the brothers to be held in November

3. During an annual gathering of the Brothers ,to have a secession to share the views of both Brothers and lay partners regarding the special call of the lay partners.

4. To invite Brothers to share with lay partners their experi­ences, life and the spirit of Champagnat and come into close understanding of the two different calls.

5. To organize an annual retreat for all partners.

The above mentioned proposals were approved by Brother Provincial and the Council.


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