2004-12-15 VATICAN

Theologians study the Positio of Brother Laurentino and of his 45 companions

The Vatican Commission of Theologians has officially started the study of the Positio of forty-four brothers who, with Brothers Laurentino and Virgilio, were martyred in the early hours of the 8th October 1936.
If we look at the ages of the brothers, we find that the youngest brother was aged 19, while the oldest brother was aged 62. Between these ages there were sixteen brothers in their twenties, eleven brothers in their thirties, eleven brothers in their forties and six brothers in their fifties. This was a young group that was martyred.
We have a group who knew for five years they were heading for the final trial of martyrdom.
Some were true intellectuals, others expert teachers who were close to young people, others in their leadership roles were able to marry the art of organisation with paternal care and those employed in manual work were capable of rendering great service to others that was always done willingly and joyfully. There were poets, and others with the kindest of hearts, like the brother who was responsible for welcoming the poor and always made sure that he added a glass of wine with the meal that he offered them.
All did not have the makings of a saint: one brother was too melancholic, another too authoritarian, one young brother had found a fiancée but had said yes to his Provincial for going on to martyrdom. In their human frailty, their choice was for Christ. All were wholeheartedly devoted to the Mother of the Lord.
We, as a family, can be truly proud of these brothers.

?You who tell God every day that you love him with all your heart, well, now is the time to show this. Yes, now while those who persevere in loving him are mocked, abandoned, defamed, deprived of their legitimate rights as citizens, insulted and made the target of a satanic persecution.?
?A Marist Brother must have no politics other than Christ!?
Br. Laurentino.

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