2008-08-16 BOLIVIA

Third Provincial Chapter, Santa Maria del Los Andes Province

From July 22 to 25, 2008, at the Casa de Ejercicios Beato Juan XXIII in Santa Cruz de la Si-erra, Bolivia, we assembled to the tune of fifty participants, Brothers and lay people, having been invited by Brother Provincial. The goal was to breathe life into our third Provincial Chap-ter. Six years have passed since we began to travel the new Province road, attempting to solid-ify Marist plans and Marist structures in response to the call which the Lord has given us: to construct a new reality which will give greater life to the Marist Brothers? charism as incarnated in this corner of the Americas.

There were thirty-five of us present as capitulants, elected or by right, along with invited atten-dees: the four temporary professed Brothers plus ten lay people, male and female. In addition, Brother Pedro Herreros was present at the meeting accompanying us as representative of Brother Superior General and the General Council.

Our first task was the inauguration of the very recently named Provincial, Brother Antonio Peralta Porcel who had been the Vicar of the Bolivia Sector of our Province. In conducting the inauguration, we wished also to thank Brother Pedro Marcos for the important service which he had rendered in taking a leading role in the birth of our Province.

The other task which we undertook – besides that of organizing our procedural rules – were to suggest to the future Provincial Council priorities for the coming three-year term of office. Af-ter a discernment process, the priorities came together under five headings: (1) spirituality and the centrality of Jesus Christ; (2) mission; (3) promotion of vocations considered as pertaining to both Brothers and laity; (4) unity of the Province and its communities; (5) fraternity. In the work of setting the priorities, both Brothers and lay persons had the right to speak and to vote.

The next task was to move to the election of Provincial Councilors. We reflected upon possible government structures which might lead to greater vitality. Again we followed a discernment process, after which the following Brothers were elected to the Council: Mariano Varona, Jesús Pérez, Alfonso García, Pablo González, Barsén García y Patricio Pino. Ahead of us lies the task of approving the complete set of Chapter Rules and of updating the Province Norms.

Solo nos resta esperar que la Buena Madre nos siga acompañando con fuerza en este proceso de crecimiento conjunto de hermanos y laicos, para que estemos hoy dando vida donde Jesús y Marcelino quiere que estemos.
There remains for us only to hope that our Good Mother remain by our side, giving strength to this process of conjoined growth found in Brothers and laity, so that we may give life to our contemporaries in those places where Jesus and Marcellin desire us to be.


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