2014-10-10 BRAZIL

Thirty students progress towards the end of the program

The course for specialists in the Marist charism and principles of education has crossed the equator of its programming to enter the final lap. The program, consisting of eight disciplines, covers a total of 420 hours over two academic years. The first group to graduate from the course began its studies in February 2014. At this time, it has completed four of the eight disciplines, having studied the contributions of Brothers André Lanfrey, Juan Moral, Michael Green and Professor Ricardo Tescarolo.

The desertion rate has been very low. Of the 31 students who enrolled and commenced their studies, only two have had to abandon the course because they could not harmonise its requirements with their work timetable. This high rate of fidelity is a good augury for the graduation of specialists in the Marist charism and educational principles at the end of the year 2015, who will help with the reflection for celebrating the second centenary of the foundation of the Institute. On 24 February 2014, we gave detailed notes about the participants and the provinces they belong to. This information can be consulted on: http://www.champagnat.org/400.php?a=6&n=3146

After overcoming some initial difficulties in mastering the Eureka system with which the students work extramurally with PUCPR, which is running the course, and making some adjustments of methodology to accomodate the work to the study rhythms of the   participants, they entered on a process of study and work which has been maintained up to the present time. The testimonies of the students manifest great satisfaction for the subject matter encountered and for the richness of the discussion it has aroused.

This course was created as a contribution offered to the Institute on the part of the Marist Universities Network. The first students to enter came from among the personnel of the Marist province and were invited by the provincials. In November 2015, the VI Assembly of the Network of Marist Universities will be held in Koronadal, in the Philippines. This will be an opportunity for promoting and disseminating the course also in the Marist university sphere.

The interest this course has aroused in various areas of the Institute has encouraged us to open enrollment for a new group of students to begin classes on 9 February 2015. Those who wish further information can access the following pages:




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