2021-04-28 GENERAL HOUSE

Thirty years after the assassination of Br. Moisés Cisneros

On April 29 we remember the assassination of Brother Moisés Cisneros thirty years ago. Brother Moisés, born in Spain, moved to Guatemala in 1984. At that time, Guatemala was experiencing what has been called the “Internal Conflict”, a bloody civil war. As director of the Marist School of Guatemala, in Zone 6, he was assassinated in his office on April 29, 1991. At first it was thought to be a robbery, but when the body was found, it became clear that it was a “professional crime” carried out by a death squad.

We believe that the death of Brother Moisés was a political assassination, part of the persecution unleashed against the Church, the Church committed to the poorest, of the type Br. Moisés experienced during his time in some communities in El Salvador and in the Diocese of Quiché, in Guatemala; a Church faithful to the Second Vatican Council and to the Episcopal Conference of Puebla; a persecuted Church, a fact later researched by Bishop Gerardi, for which he would also lose his life.

The Archbishop of Santiago de Guatemala has been asked to initiate the Cause of Canonization, and we are waiting for the answer. In requesting it, we want to discern with the whole Church about the possible martyrdom of our brother. As a congregation we affirm that the death of our brother happened because he was faithful to Jesus Christ, to the Gospel, to the Church and to his own vocation.

Br. Guillermo Villarreal – Postulator General

Prayer – América Central
XXX Aniversario de la muerte del H. Moisés Cisneros


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