2023-02-07 SOUTH AFRICA

Three2Six Project fills the educational gap for refugee and migrant children

Since 2008, the Three2Six Education Project has filled the educational gap for thousands of refugees and migrant children in South Africa, It has operated as an afternoon bridging education project teaching its students three hours a day. Now, the Three2Six project has embarked on an exciting new chapter with a full curriculum that benefits children from a full day at school.

In addition to a full curriculum, the Three2Six children also have a comprehensive extra-mural programme which includes netball, swimming, basketball, and judo. During the year, they will also go on excursions and camps.

Another exciting development is the integration of the Three2Six children with the students of their new host school, Dominican Convent School, with whom they learn in the classroom. This will foster social cohesion between local and refugee children, which is critical in a context of rampant xenophobia in the country.

The Three2Six children have adapted extremely well to their new school environment at Dominican Convent School.

The other services offered to the Three2Six students haven’t changed. They still receive meals every day, are being safely transported to and from the project, and are given textbooks, stationery, and uniforms. Where needed, the children will also benefit from psychosocial support from the project to ensure their emotional welfare and to support their learning.

In order to increase its students’ prospects of integrating into mainstream schooling, Three2Six has added an additional year before the children exit the project, which allows for a smoother transition. The project will also continue to advocate for the right to education of all children and where possible assist its students with the other obstacles they may face when trying to join a high school.

Three2Six Project

The Three2Six refugee children’s education project is a Catholic, Marist institutions in Southern Africa. It has been operating since 2008, supporting refugee and migrant children who have been denied access to public schooling in South Africa. 

The Three2Six project was founded at Sacred Heart College and later extended to Observatory Girls’ Primary, in 2010, and Holy Family College, in 2018.

The project name comes from the study schedule (from 3pm to 6pm) because Three2Six has been working 3 hours a day as an afternoon bridging education project, focused on three subjects (English, Maths and Life Skills).

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