2019-05-08 EL SALVADOR

To be attentive to the situations that harm the rights of the children

On 27th of April  The Brothers and lay Marists of El Salvador took part in a shared community meeting carried out in the house The Hermitage of San Salvador. 

The meeting had as its objective the sharing of knowledge of the presence of the Brothers and lay Marists among the Salvadoran children and youths who live in situations of vulnerability.  

The meeting began with a prayer based on the special interest that Father Champagnat showed for the children, the poorest and the abandoned.  

The presentation of data on the situation of the children in El Salvador, whose principal rights are vulnerable, was given by Giorgina de Villalta, General Manager for the Network of Childhood and Adolescence (RIA) of that country.  

The presentation of Mrs. Giorgina  highlighted the need for the Marists of El Salvador to be involved actively and to be attentive to the situations that harm the rights of the children and young people of the country. The meeting brought to mind the call of the XV Provincial Chapter that asks us to "involve ourselves actively in the formation, awareness and effective defence of the rights of the boys, girls, adolescents and youths." 

The programme was completed with some notes on the Corporation Marist Brothers of El Salvador, and some provincial information given by Bro. Juan Antonio Sandoval.  


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