Marists in communion

The vocational journey of Marist laypeople opens the way for a deeper relationship with Brothers. This communion is based on both following Jesus, sharing the same radical call of the Gospel, the same faith, the same baptism, the same charism. Communion leads to vocational complementarity, mutual enrichment and searching together for greater vitality of the charism for todayÔÇÖs world. Through this communion the Marist institution is becoming identified with a wider group than brothers and works (Beeing a Lay Marist, P. 16).

The Vocation of the Marist Laity
and the Vocation of the Brother

We Brothers and Lay people have much more in common than particular in our vocation: we both share the beauty and the limits of the human condition at this historical time, we live the same Christian vocation through baptism, and we have felt the call of God that drew us to the Marist charism.

We hold the certainty that our respective vocations are mutually enhanced. So while we continue discovering who we are by relating with others, the specific identity of Brothers and Lay Marists is clarified and enriched by sharing life: spirituality, mission, formation (Gathered Around the Same Table, 16-17).

The brothers offer us their particular way of cultivating spirituality, which encourages us to grow together in faith. The state of life of the brother is a special prophetic sign for the world and other Christians, which reminds us of our own call to radicalism and passion for Christ.

We Lay Marists bring our specific form of living the Marist charism. Our identity is not reduced to being collaborators with the Brothers (Gathered Around the Same Table, 20-21).