The group of martyrs

In the early hours of the 8th October 1936, forty-four other brothers were shot with Brothers Laurentino and Virgilio.

Here is the list of names:

Alberto María (Néstor Vivar Valdivielso) aged 26.
Ángel Andrés (Lucio Izquierdo López) aged 37.
Anselmo (Aniceto Falgueras Casellas) aged 57.
Antolín (Antonio Roig Alibau) aged 45.
Baudillo (Pedro Ciordia Hernández) aged 48.
Bernabé (Casimiro Riba Pì) aged 54.
Carlos Rafael (Carlos Brengaret Pujol) aged 19.
Dionisio Martín (José Cesari Mercadal) aged 33.
Epifanio (Fernado Suñer Estrach) aged 62.
Felipe José (Fermín Latienda Azpilicueta) aged 45.
Félix León (Félix Ayúcar Eraso) aged 24.
Fortunato Andrés (Fortunato Ruiz Peña) aged 38.
Frumencio (Julio García Galarza) aged 27.
Gabriel Eduardo (Segismundo Hidalgo Martínez) aged 23.
Gaudencio (Juan Tubau Perelló) aged 42.
Gil Felipe (Felipe Ruiz Peña) aged 29.
Hermógenes (Antonio Badía Andale) aged 28.
Isaías María (Victorino Martínez Martín) aged 37.
Ismael (Nicolás Ran Goñi) aged 26.
Jaime Ramón (Jaime Morella Bruguera) aged 37.
José Carmelo (Gregorio Faci Molins) aged 28.
José Federico (Nicolás Pereda Revuelta) aged 20.
Juan Crisóstomo (Juan Pelfort Planell) aged 23.
Juan de Mata (Jesús Menchón Franco) aged 38.
Laureano Carlos (Pedro Sitges Puig) aged 47.
Leónides (Jerónimo Messegué Ribera) aged 52.
Leopoldo José (Florentino Redondo Insausti) aged 51.
Lino Fernando (Víctor Gutiérrez Gómez) aged 36.
Licarión (Ángel Roba Osorno) aged 41.
Martiniano (Isidro Serrano Fabón) aged 35.
Miguel Irenéo (Leocadio Rodríguez Nieto) aged 36.
Porfirio (Leoncio Pérez Gómez) aged 37.
Prisciliano (José Mir Pons) aged 47.
Ramón Alberto (Feliciano Ayúcar Eraso) aged 22.
Salvio (Victorino Gómez Gutiérrez) aged 52.
Santiago (Serafín Zugaldía Lacruz) aged 40.
Santiago Maria (Santiago Sáiz Martínez) aged 23.
Santos (Santos Escudero Miguel) aged 29.
Teódulo (Lucio Zudaire Aramendía) aged 46.
Víctor Conrado (José Ambrós Dejuan) aged 38.
Victorino José (José Blanch Roca) aged 28.
Vito José (José Miguel Elola Arruti) aged 43.
Vivencio (Juan Nuñez Casado) aged 28.
Vulfrano (Ramón Mill Arán) aged 27.

To enter into the details of their lives would be too long, but the group does represent characteristics that are worthy of emphasis:
If we look at the ages of the brothers, we find that the youngest brother was aged 19, while the oldest brother was aged 62. Between these ages there were sixteen brothers in their twenties, eleven brothers in their thirties, eleven brothers in their forties and six brothers in their fifties. This was a young group that was martyred.

The biographical pages devoted to them in the Informatio are in general full of praise. Before death and martyrdom, we tend to remember the good aspects of a person. Here, however, we have a group who knew for five years they were heading for the final trial of martyrdom and during this time they were guided by superiors who made them aware of this and created a climate of generosity and piety to prepare their hearts to accept and even desire this sacrifice.

All did not have the makings of a saint: one brother was too melancholic and taciturn, another too authoritarian in his positions of responsibility, one young brother had found a fiancé but had said yes to his Provincial for going on the Cabo San Agustin… In their human frailty, their choice was for Christ.

The reading of these biographies gives rise to great admiration due to the quality of their lives rather than their tragic deaths. Some were true intellectuals, others expert teachers who were close to young people, others in their leadership roles were able to marry the art of organisation with paternal care and those employed in manual work were capable of rendering great service to others that was always done willingly and joyfully. There were poets, and others with the kindest of hearts, like the brother at las Avellanes who was responsible for welcoming the poor and always made sure that he added a glass of wine with the meal that he offered them.
All were wholeheartedly devoted to the Mother of the Lord and led simple and discreet Marist lives. We, as a family, can be truly proud of these brothers. We can ask them to intercede for us so that our hearts may be open to the generosity that God is asking of us today.

This prayer-poem that was composed by one of these brothers, a cry from the heart, may also be the prayer that joins us all together in fraternity.