Year of Brother François

The Postulation Team would like to thank you for the way you welcomed the special year in honour of Brother François.

Various initiatives throughout the Institute have revealed that you brought him near your hearts and into your prayers.

We re-discovered that Brother François loved the brothers and our Marist Family with a constant and a generous heart even at the cost of his health. He was sincere when he said, “You know well, Brothers that I always loved you tenderly.” Our Brother François also taught us the joy of loving God. Mystic, he reminds us of the prime vocation of all humans: the search for God, the joy of belonging to God.

Many initiatives marked the year: booklets, pictures with a relic, books, posters, articles, statues, celebrations, simple prayers, litanies, workshops, monthly presence on our web page. Never had there been as many novenas in honour of our first superior general. We brought to a higher level
– the love we had for the sick people
– Brother François’ presence and,
– our trust in God.
A sincere novena is always grace of compassion and faith.

We are still preparing
– book markers
– the Spanish, Portuguese and English printings of the book, “La joie d’être Frère” and,
– a rich parallel between Marcellin and François: The source and the stream 
that we should publish at the end of summer.

We would like to invite the communities to close this year of Brother François in the following way although you may use your own method if you prefer.
– From Wednesday 26 May until 3 June our web page will offer a short reflection of Brother François and a prayer. That reflection and the prayer can be used during the community prayers.
– A special celebration in honour of Brother François could take place on the night of the 4th of June, thus leaving the 5th and 6th of June for the Founder.

“I will be the living portrait of the Founder”, here is a very appropriate message that Gabriel Rivat left us. This message will help us to realise our hearts’ revolutions as requested by Brother Sean to revitalise our Marist Family.

Brother Giovanni Maria Bigotto
Postulator General