Br. Moisés Cisneros

29 April 1991

Brother Moisés Cisneros was born on 12 August 1945 in Quintana de Raneros (León), Spain, to a family who knew how to instill in all of its children a deep sense of life and of the Catholic faith, a legacy that was already a family tradition and way of life. He began his apostolate in El Salvador at the San Alfonso School. During his time at the Liceo Salvadoreño, he made a beautiful projection in the community of Atehuán. He was founder of the community of Chichicastenango. Being director of the Marist School of Guatemala, in zone 6, he was assassinated in his office on 29 April 1991.

With his violent death he left the memory of his dedication and self giving to the simple people of Ateos, Chichi and Zone 6; memory of the intense concern for the young brothers of his community and of his 25 years as an apostle among Central American children and youth. From his faithfulness up to his death, he confirmed the Gospel verse: “If the grain of wheat does not fall to the ground and die, it is unfruitful, but if it dies, it bears much fruit.”

15 May 2017: Beginning of the cause of beatification of Brother Moisés Cisneros