2023-06-08 MADAGASCAR

Training on Leadership and Maris Charism

A four-day training session on ‘Leadership and Marist Charism’ took place at the Mahatamana Center in Antsirabe, Madagascar from May 30 to June 2, 2023. The training, promoted aimed to strengthen the skills and knowledge of the leaders in the Marist schools, such as the Headmasters and Deans of Studies. They were joined by the Provincial Counselors, making a total of 22 participants.

The trainers were Mrs. Carmen Murata and Mr. Renato Darui, from the Province of Brasil Centro-Sul, who are experts in leadership, strategic planning and accountability, and Brother Goyo Linacero, General Council as Assistant to the Econome General and Project Manager of the Strategic Plan of the General Administration, who shared his insights on the Marist charism and spirituality.

The training was an initiative promoted by the General Administration as a response to the Stategic Plan of the General Government that ask to promote sustainability at all levels of the Institute, fostering responsibility, internal solidarity and interdependence.

The training was interactive and participatory, with group discussions, presentations and reflections.

The participants expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to learn from the trainers and from each other. They also felt more motivated and confident to carry out their mission in the seven Marist schools in Madagascar, which serve around 10,130 students. They hoped to apply what they learned to improve the quality of education and the promotion of Marist values in the Province of Madagascar.


Br. Camille Ramarosandratana


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