2014-11-04 MADAGASCAR

Training sessions on the rights of the child

On 2 and 3 October, Br Tiana Michel conducted a course for teachers on the protection of children in the Marist school “St Vincent de Paul” in Betroka, Madagascar. Br Michel took part in the training sessions on the rights of the child organized by FMSI in Rome and Geneva in 2012 and is the FMSI reference person in Madagascar. We offer a summary of what Br Michel presented on this occasion.

In Madagascar, October marks the beginning of the school year in all public and private establishments. The Marist schools have their own tradition: before starting, they organizetraining sessions and meetings for the teachers, with the aim of improving the education of the children and young people in the schools. This year, on 2 and 3 October, the teachers of "Saint Vincent de Paul" in Betroka, in the south of Madagascar, had a session on the protection of children.

This session was aimed at furthering knowledge and understanding of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and making the teachers aware of the child protection policy. Brother emphasized   especially the connection between the Convention and Marist pedagogy, composed of love and  presence.

During the time of sharing, there was great discussion on the topic of corporal punishment: what to do with a difficult and undisciplined child? Corporal punishment is forbidden by law, but the child, at times, needs correction to return to the right way.

To conclude, the team of the Province of Madagascar, on the topic of child protection, insists that the application of the Convention along the line of Marist pedagogy, requires a lot of willpower, patience, availability and love on the part of all who work in the Marist schools. There is a long way to go, but with Mary and Father Champagnat we are always able to journey without becoming discouraged.

Br TIANA Michel


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