2020-05-22 CANADA

Tribute to Mrs Adrienne Rainville, a lay Marist affiliated to the Institute

Last May 5th a great lady of the Marist world in the Province of Canada passed away: Mrs Adrienne Rainville, a very committed lay Marist, was made an Affiliate of the Institute in 1999.

Among other things, she was involved as a volunteer with her husband at Camp Marist of Rawdon during the summer holidays over a period of almost 20 years. Her four children attended the Camp either as campers (boys) or as monitors (girls). She was particularly concerned with the children who were most deprived materially or emotionally.

Since her daughter Brigitte had spent a year as a volunteer worker in Haiti, she and her family were actively involved in supporting the mission in this impoverished country by assisting in the preparation of future volunteers.

The members of the family (François, Bernard, Brigitte and Martine) organised a meeting by Zoom for the alumni of Camp Marist (see the photo) in order to give her fitting testimony in the absence of a funeral. It was a moment of recognition, gratitude and joy for the gift of her life for all of us.


Brother Gerard Bachand – Provincial Animator



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