2024-02-27 BRAZIL

UMBRASIL celebrates its 20th Ordinary General Assembly

The Ordinary General Assembly of the Marist Union of Brazil (UMBRASIL) took place in Brazlandia from 19 to 21 February. Its aim was to discuss and decide on the projects of Marist Brazil, as well as to celebrate its twentieth anniversary. The meeting was attended by 21 Brothers representing the three Marist Provinces of the country. Its theme was “From the Hermitage to Brasilia – We are a global family with a sense of belonging and responsibility”, inspired by the passage from the Acts of the Apostles: “Those who embraced the faith lived together and had everything in common”.

Each year there is an Ordinary General Assembly of UMBRASIL which, in addition to examining projects for the current and future years, is also a time to foster brotherhood among the Marist Brothers.

First day: welcome, socialising and getting to know one another

On the first day of the meeting, the brothers joined in a moment of integration led by the Aldeia Academy. Their aim was to work on building up a collective identity based on the characteristics and experiences of the brothers themselves.

Afterwards, psychologist Neimar Sergio held a guided meditation around a campfire, offering a period of relaxation and reflection inspired by the construction of the Hermitage.

 Second day: appointments, restructuring of the Institute, UMBRASIL projects and celebrations

The second day began with formal acts appointing the new members of UMBRASIL’s Board of Governors, Executive Office and Finance Council.

UMBRASIL’s Board of Governors:

  • Br Deivis Alexandre Fischer (PMBSA) – reappointed as President of the Board of Governors
  • Br DionĂ­sio Roberto Rodrigues (PMBSA)
  • Br Marcelo Bonhemberger (PMBSA)
  • Br JosĂ© Assis Elias de Brito (PMBCN)
  • Br Adalberto Batista Amaral (PMBCN)
  • Br Iranilson Correia de Lima (PMBCN)
  • Br AntĂŽnio Benedito de Oliveira (PMBCS)
  • Br RogĂ©rio Renato Mateucci (PMBCS)
  • Br Vanderlei Siqueira dos Santos (PMBCS)

In 2024, the Directors JosĂ© Augusto JĂșnior and Adilson Janovski of UMBRASIL, the Executive Secretary of UMBRASIL, and the President of the CAD of Marist Brazil will also attend the Board of Governors but without the right to vote.

UMBRASIL Finance Council 2024-2025

  • Br Lauri Heck (PMBSA) – Chairman of the Finance Council
  • Br Humberto Lima Gondim (PMBCN) – Councillor Secretary
  • Br Evilasio Tambosi (PMBCS)

UMBRASIL Executive Office 2024-2025

  • Br Adilson JosĂ© Janovski (PMBCS) – Director-President
  • Br JosĂ© Augusto Junior (PMBCN) – Director-Treasurer
  • Br Marcelo Bonhemberger (PMBSA) – Director-Secretary
  • Leonardo Soares – Executive Secretary

Sister Maria InĂȘz Furtado de Mendonça, from the Daughters of Jesus Congregation, then spoke to the brothers about processes of restructuring. After Sister’s talk, the brothers worked at tables with reflections based on their concerns and intuitions about this process.

After the UMBRASIL advisors explained the projects carried out in 2023 and those planned for 2024, Leonardo Soares, UMBRASIL’s Executive Secretary, presented the 2023 balance sheet, made up of the initial proposals, those approved and those implemented. At the end of the year, the members of the Finance Council gave a favourable opinion on the previous year’s results and approved the 2024 Budget, noting that it was in line with UMBRASIL’s new Strategic Plan 2023/2025.

Brother José de Assis and Leonardo Soares, respectively Provincial Coordinator and Executive Secretary of the South America Region, presented the main progress made in 2023 in the Region, highlighting the publication of the new Strategic Plan, the Work Guide for the teams and the commitments planned for 2024.

The second day concluded with a dinner attended by the Secretary of the National Conference of Bishops of Brazil, Dom Ricardo Hoepers, the Board of Directors of the Conference of Religious of Brazil, the Board of Directors of the National Association of Catholic Education of Brazil, the Directors of the Marist education centres in the region and the Directors of the network of Marist schools in Brazil.

Third day: Mass, formation, Marist Brazil and closure

The third day began with the celebration of the Eucharist, organised by the Colégio Marista Champagnat from Taguatinga.

After the celebration, Ricardo Mariz, director of Social Education and Evangelisation of the Marist Brazil network of schools, described the journey of education of the network in 2023 and the goals for 2024. Next, Brother Natalino Souza and June Cruz, president of the Board of Directors and superintendent of the network of schools, respectively, spoke to the brothers about the main milestones of the first year of Marist Brazil.

Concluding the assembly, the executive secretary of UMBRASIL, Leonardo Soares, emphasised the importance of the assembly’s deliberations for the future of the Marist mission: “It is a timely moment to highlight the responsibility that we carry in our hands, hands full of hope and faith that have nurtured our mission for more than 200 years. UMBRASIL is happy to be able to give visibility, viability and carriage to our dream of building networks for Marist Brazil, the South American Region and the Institute”.


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