2022-09-23 BRAZIL

UMBRASIL: in education there is hope – Report 2021

UMBRASIL has recently published the Social Report of the Marists in Brazil concerning Marist action in the country during the year 2021. The publication is based on the concept that “in education there is hope” and gathers information about Marist action in the areas of Basic Education, Higher Education, Solidarity, Health, Environmental Responsibility, Evangelization, Human Rights, Editorial, Volunteering, Institutional Representation and Marist Historical and Spiritual Patrimony, besides information on economic and social management.

The Yearbook has become significant in presenting the social commitment of the Marists in Brazil to its public of interest: Marist Brothers, employees of all associated institutions, teachers, social educators, students, patients in hospitals, direct clients of the publishing houses, alumni, church associations and organizations, public organizations, political bodies, suppliers, organizations and the press.

A copy of the Report can be obtained by accessing this link


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