2021-03-06 UNITED STATES

United States Province Lay Formation Programme

The Lay Council of the United States Province has launched its lay formation programme to resource its members and keep them informed about Marist life through five bi-weekly seminars, which began online on February 3 and conclude on April 15.

“Marist, Marcellin and Me”, was the title of the first session presented by Br Sean Sammon, which took place on 3 and 11 February, with over 40 people attending. Br Sean invited the members to reflect on the following questions: What characteristics of Champagnat attract me most? What do I want to incorporate into my life? How can I put love into action as Marcellin did?

The second seminar, entitled “He Gave us the Name of Mary: The Marist Tradition”, which was held on February 17th and 25th, was led by Chris Sullivan from Central Catholic High School in Lawrence, MA. Chris spoke about our relationship with Mary and how we are inspired by her qualities and how we can live her simplicity, humility and courage.

The third seminar, “Daily Life as a Marist Christian: The Five Pillars”, held on March 3 and 11, featured 5 lay Marist panelists: Larry Tucker (Chicago), Madeline Picou (Louisiana), Eyda Alagret (Miami), Tony Cantu (Brownsville) and Joe Hallak (New Jersey). Each of them will address a pillar.

The 4th meeting, entitled “Marists of Champagnat: A Global Charismatic Family” will be led by Br. Pat McNamara and will be held on March 16th and 25th.

The 5th and final seminar will be held on April 7th and 15th, presented by Alice Miesnik, who will reflect on the theme “Marists in Mission: Love in Action”.


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