2021-10-02 SPAIN

V Mission Assembly of the Province of Compostela

The V Provincial Assembly of Marist Mission Compostela, with the motto “Lares de Luz”, in line with the circular “Hogares de luz” of Br. Ernesto Sánchez, was held from the 24th to the 25th of September, in the Champagnat Residence of Valladolid and in keeping with the whole Province, 

The meeting was attended by 40 participants in person and more than a hundred virtually. Br. Ernesto Sanchez, Superior General, was present virtually at the inauguration. Brothers Ben Consigli, João Carlos do Prado and Óscar Martín, General Councillors, also participated in the assembly.

During the assembly, which had as its main theme “Homes of Light, which care for life and generate life”, the question of how to care for and generate new life was raised in four areas: children and young people; families; educators and Province. Throughout the three days, different dynamics of work, reflection and coexistence were carried out.

Thank you for being “part of this Marist life and mission in Compostela” said Brother Ernesto during his participation. “What is happening in your work is Champagnat’s dream alive in that place,” he said, speaking of the work done in the Province. “Let us take advantage of the richness of each one of us because we all have something to contribute. Let those of us who want to be in the movement go from the heart to wish to be with the young people. Because we are made for them, because that is our life and our mission”, said Br. Ernesto, referring to the role of the Marists of Champagnat of the Province. See the full presentation.

For their part, the General Councillors, Ben Consigli and Joao Carlos do Prado, stressed the importance of “making bold decisions for the future” and generating authentic homes of light.

“We wish to be committed to the care and attention of our children, strengthening what they carry within them, from an eco-social conscience, to commit ourselves to this society and that the care of our educators and the accompaniment of our works continue to be a strength in Compostela”. With these words, Brother Provincial, Tomás Briongos, concluded the 5th Mission Assembly.

More detailed information can be found on the Assembly website: https://maristascompostela.org/somos/asamblea-de-mision/


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