2021-07-20 BRAZIL

VII Chapter of the Marist Province Brasil Centro-Sul

The Marist Province of Brasil Centro-Sul celebrated its VII Provincial Chapter on 8 and 9 July. During this Chapter session, Brother Provincial, Benê Oliveira, began his second term of service in the animation and government of the Province. The new Provincial Council was also elected, made up of Brothers Anacleto Peruzzo, Délcio Balestrin, Miguel Fernandes, Rogério Mateucci, Ronaldo Luzzi and Vanderlei S. Santos.

At the celebration, 22 Brother Capitulants and 3 collaborators were present in person. Some sessions were transmitted live. From Rome, Brothers Óscar Martín and Sylvain Ramandimbiarisoa, General Councillors accompanying the Province, accompanied the work of the Chapter.

Brother Ernesto Sanchez, Superior General, also participated by means of a message which can be seen at this link.

During the meeting, some of the issues, realities, achievements and challenges of the Province were discussed:
  • the preparatory sessions on the state of the Chapter;
  • the creation and development of the Religious Organisation (RO);
  • the re-dimensioning of vocation animation;
  • the creation of the Nuclei of Identity, Mission and Vocation (NIMV) in the apostolic fronts of the Marist Group;
  • the solidarity of the PMBCS in times of coronavirus; and the care of people;
  • the strategic plan of PMBCS and the Marist Group;
  • the impacts of the pandemic and containment measures on the mission and economies of PMBCS and the Marist Group;
  • the full report of the 2017-2020 triennium;
  • the different actions that have promoted vitality, sustainability and fruitfulness of Marist life and mission in the Province.

With the motto “À sombra da arvore” (Under the shade of the tree), the capitulants gathered to reflect on “who God wants us to be and what he wants us to do”, in this emerging world, with uncertainties and social inequalities, but with many blessings, lessons, transformations and opportunities. As a result of this attitude and stance, they addressed the expectations, dreams and visions of the Province in the horizon 2021-2024, and approved the priorities:

     1. Vocation Animation;

     2. A simpler Consecrated Life and Province;

     3. Champagnat Marists in Mission.


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