2021-04-21 CHILE

Virtual exhibition: “Look how they love one another… Province of Santa María de los Andes (1909-2021)”

Following the call of the Network of Marist Memory Centres of the South America Region which promotes the articulation of the Memory Centres, the Marist Patrimony Department of the Province Santa María de los Andes, invites all Marists to know their history through its virtual exhibition “Look how they love each other…. Province of Santa María de los Andes (1909-2021)”.

This initiative is part of the desire to preserve the historical-cultural-spiritual heritage of the Province of Santa María de los Andes (comprising Chile, Peru and Bolivia) and to share its historical legacy with the entire South American region.

The virtual exhibition, by means of photos, images and themes, invites us to travel through time and retrace Marist history since the arrival of the first Brothers in Peru (1909), Chile (1911) and Bolivia (1956). In 2002 these 3 countries will form a Province and in 2016 they will together form the South America Region.

Visit the virtual exhibition and share it by clicking here

The Network of Marist Memory Centres is composed of a group of professionals with different experiences and knowledge, made up of Brothers, managers and collaborators of the Provincial archives, historical archives, libraries and museums located in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Paraguay and Uruguay.


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