2020-02-13 BRAZIL

Vocational animation is a prominent aspect in the Province of Brasil Centro-Sul

The Marist Province of Brasil Centro-Sul begins, in 2020 to highlight, until June, one of the priorities defined by the directives of the VI General Chapter celebrated in December 2017. A video has been made to animate and expand  the theme.

Brother Benê Oliveira, Provincial, goes on to highlight some aspects of this initiative.

Culture, vocational promotion and the consecrated life

We are pleased to launch this Campaign which highlights and emphasises one of the important priorities of the Province: “Culture, Promotion of Vocation and Consecrated Life”. The Chapter assembly of December 2017 called for the creation of a new culture of vocations in the religious communities and in the apostolic fraternities to reveal and communicate the beauty, the mission and the relevance of the Brothers’ vocation to the consecrated life and to the Marist laity.

It is always God who calls a person to a vocation of special consecration. He is the Divine Potter who is able to shape our hearts, our personal life story and our vocational journey. Marist Brothers of the Schools, we are called by God and chosen by Mary and in response we offer our lives with all the richness and fragility of our being.

Statistics, the change of era and the culture in which we live have increased the concern for the quantity and quality of vocations in the Church. Pope Francis reminds us that in many moments of history, God, who is infinitely generous, exceeds our expectations, makes the fruits of our work blossom beyond what can be expected from human efficiency and effectiveness. It is with this confidence that we must open our hearts to the action of the Spirit and, through a life of union with God through prayer, ask Him to continue to send us generous young people, passionate about the project of Jesus and his Gospel.

The vocation to the Marist consecrated life is a choice and a journey in the opposite direction in the world. No one commits himself to anything or anyone unless he has been drawn and touched in his heart first. All of us, brothers, lay people and partners in the apostolic fronts, are invited to foster and inspire vocational fruitfulness in our religious family.

Marists of Champagnat, let us continue to believe in the Lord of the harvest who wishes to establish a deep covenant of love with the young and the adults of today. Together, let us continue to cultivate the vocational concern that we carry in our hearts. Let us support the emergence of a new culture of vocational animation and of Marist consecrated life, full of discoveries, learning and hopes for the construction of the life project and of the road to happiness of vocations to the consecrated and lay Marist life – the mystery, grace and gift of fraternity which we have received from God.

It is worth being a brother and a Marist of Champagnat, to follow Christ in the way of Mary and Marcellin who realised in their lives what God had dreamed for them. We are the vocation we embrace and the right vocation, a happy life!


Bro. Benê Oliveira – Provincial of Brasil Centro-Sul


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