2020-12-28 AUSTRALIA

Vocations Ministry in the Province of Australia

A few days ago, the Province of Australia divulgate a summary with some of the major projects that have been the focus of Vocations Ministry this year, during this challenging time for engaging with young people on the specific vocations. The work has been overseen and supported by the Province Vocations Committee led by Br. Michael Callinan.

Before presenting the main initiative, it is interesting to note that the report highlights that contemporary research into the life decision patterns of Generations Y and Z increasingly concludes that decisions about long-term professional and relational life choices are no longer being made in the late teens or early 20s, but rather in the 25-35 age stage. While this means that the conversations and input about vocational options can still be made during secondary and university schooling periods, there are a shift towards explicit vocational discernment at a later stage in life. In this context, there must be specific strategies that target these different age brackets. This is the approach that informs the nature and action of the Province Vocations Ministry in Australia.

Partnering collaboratively with Marist Youth Ministry

Throughout the year, even in these COVID times, there have been opportunities for specific presentations on Vocations in a number of Marist schools. For 2021, the Vocations Ministry team is writing some specific modules on Vocations, which will invite reflection and engagement with students from Years 7 to 12.

Young Marist Professionals

The emerging group of Young Marist Professionals continues to grow across Australia, They are young men and women who have finished with the activities of Marist Youth Ministry and are looking to integrate their faith and professional lives with an explicit Marist flavour. A committee of the Marist Association has met throughout the year with the ongoing work with supporting these emerging groups, through which support as a member of this committee.

Social Media Presence and Growth: Marist Brothers Life

A significant strategy in 2020 was to engage young people on our social media platforms. Named as ‘Marist Brothers Life’ the presence on Facebook and Instagram is another avenue of highlighting the life, mission, and community of the Marist Brothers in Australia in a contemporary context. The Instagram account has grown by 180% from 160 to 450 people in the calendar year. Facebook has continued in general upward trend in the last year, with over 1600 people subscribed to the page. The team have also engaged the design expertise of a social media content developer for ensuring the production of high-quality and impactful social media posts.

Religious Brothers Day (May 5)

The commemoration of this day continues to grow in Australia. This was achieved with the production of a short video of Marists expressing their connection and gratitude to the Brothers. This was released on social media platforms and received positive responses and engagements with over 2000 views of the video (Vimeo).

National Vocations Awareness Week August 2020

In August 2020, a campaign to explore the life of a Marist Brother was undertaken, with the production of the resource booklet, “A Marist Brother” and the release of the three videos produced by Conor Ashleigh, a visual storyteller and photographer, and commissioned by the Province. The materials were distributed to Marist schools.

Vocations Support Network

While it is the invitation for all Brothers to support and contribute to other people’s vocational discernment, a number of specific Brothers, spread geographically across the Province have been asked to be local contacts for young men who have demonstrated explicit interest in Marist life as a brother.

Future projects

Current work in being undertaken in the areas of schools, as well the development of another video project that expands upon the three areas of mission, spirituality, and community. Materials will continue to be produced for Religious Brothers Day, Champagnat Day and the National Vocations Awareness Week.


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