2013-11-04 COSTA RICA

We dream of new ways for Marist life

How much time does it take to travel from Alajuela to Los Chiles and vice-versa ? It depends on the traffic, if one goes by bus or private car, if it is raining, if one leaves in the morning or the afternoon, if one stops a moment at the park of Zarcero or at the quay of San Carlos, etc. What is true is that it takes at least three and a half hours to reach the desired destination : the northern border or the central valley.

As far as we were concerned, it was at 9.30 on Saturday 12 October when we brothers of the community of Alajuela and of the Provincial Council, made this trip. We did not count the hours. When one is enjoying good conversation – serious or superficial – or better still the company of others, time flows by agreeably. We arrived on time for the meeting of the Provincial Council with the Los Chiles community, of course, but also for the Eucharist and other points of the fraternal gathering.

So it was on Sunday 13 that we held our community meeting. We awoke to a warm sunny day, as usual on the plains of the Guatusos, but were agreeably surprised when some opportune rain fell to alleviate the heat.

We prayed together around the Word, like any Christian community on the Lord’s Day. We had prepared ourselves well for the dialogue proposed by Br Hipólito about the future Marist mission in Costa Rica, in line with the previous reflections on the proposals of revitalising and reorganisation implemented by our Province.

Do we foresee new ways for the Marist mission in Costa Rica ? And do we believe ? Do we want to help bring the dawn to birth ? Mary helps us… Mary does not abandon us, and that is sufficient (M. Champagnat). On our side, to do our best and to keep our commitment to the children and youth of this land !

The return trip surprised us with the best postcard views of Costa Rica : a particular variety of tones of green vesting the prairies, mountains and valleys. After the rain, it seemed the whole countryside was opening up. Before our eyes, the best souvenir of the presence of the goodness of God which always accompanies and supports us. And also the best of news : this land calls us to generosity and boldness.

Cordial greetings !

Los Chiles, northern border with Nicaragua.
Br Omar Peña


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