2023-05-25 GENERAL HOUSE

Webinar: Building the Global Compact on Education at the Marist School

On the occasion of the celebration of Champagnat’s feast day in June, the Marist Global Network of Schools proposes a meeting of the international school community to reflect together on how to build the Global Education Compact in the schools of the Institute.

The webinar is aimed at all educators in Marist schools who are interested in learning about and promoting the Global Education Compact, the invitation launched by Pope Francis to create an alliance between all those working in the field of education, in order to educate young generations in universal fraternity and in the alliance between humanity and creation.

In addition to hearing from an expert on the implications of the Pact on the education, it will be shared the initiatives that are being developed in the schools to build the Pope’s proposal.

To encourage participation, the same webinar will be held on two different dates: the first on 8th June and the second on 15th June.

The Champagnat Global Network invites you to REGISTER, as soon as possible, so that you receive the participation Zoom link.


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