2021-07-26 GENERAL HOUSE

What is the Marist Global Network of Schools?

The Marist Global Network of Schools, to be inaugurated next October, responds to the call of the XX General Chapter to Journey Together as a Global Family. It is a project that is being created in a collaborative way involving the whole Marist Educational Community. However, like any serious project, it involves rigour and a process, which implies following defined stages such as communication with all interested parties.

As a result of the work carried out over two years by a team representing the different Regions of the Institute, a framework document has been drawn up which lays the foundations for the further evolution of the project.  It includes the following aspects, here presented in a very condensed form:

The aim of the network is: To contribute to the development, vitality, and sustainability of our Marist Mission in schools. Its scope is the secondary and pre-secondary schools that are Institute-owned or those associated with it.

The added value provided by the network will be:

  • Identity and sense of belonging.
  • Innovation and the quality of education and evangelisation provided.
  • Commitment of students to think and work globally.
  • Use of technology to share human resources and educational materials.
  • Opportunities for education coordinators to relate more personally and support one another, fostering interconnection and collaboration.

As a starting point in the launching process, some principles have also been adopted as key guidelines for moving forward:

  • It is to be inspired by the call and principles of the XXII General Chapter.
  • It is to be a global project.
  • It is to be a collaborative project.
  • It is to create opportunities for sharing and maximising resources.
  • It is to provide a platform for sharing.
  • It is to address the whole educational community.
  • It wants to contribute to the school improvement cycle.
  • It is to build on existing Marist networks.

Based on these principles and guidelines, produced by a group of experts, a creative, participatory process is underway, between May and October 2021, in which we invite you to get involved.

The Marist Global Network of Schools is a project of the General Council in response to the calls of the 22nd General Chapter which called for us to be a global family. It will be a place of promotion for the Marist mission that is carried out in more than 600 schools in 80 countries. On behalf of the General Council, the Secretariat for Education and Evangelisation, in collaboration with the network of Marist publishers, is organising the launch of the network, which will take place from 25-29 October 2021. Further information about the network can be found here.


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