2010-10-18 PHILIPPINES

Why I want to be a missionary

Why did I apply for this Mission Ad Gentes program. I?m happy to share my reasons with you. First of all, I would mention my strength to love others that I had lost during my encounter with mid-life difficulties. Just before my mid-life crisis was resolved, who ever expected that I would meet someone with whom I fell in love? Then one day, all of sudden I came to realize and exclaim: ?Oh, my God! My strength to love someone has come back to me!? With this in mind, I began a discernment process for the Mission Ad Gentes program.Second, I?d like to write of the beauty of life. During mid-life I began to pay much attention to the beauty of life after I became enthralled with poetry. The following poem is by one of my favorite authors, Go Eun, a world renowned Korean poet. I believe God is a Poet and also that his creation is a beautiful poem in itself. These lines inspire me to discover the beauty of living with and assisting the poor children and young people of Asia in the midst of poverty, neglect and adversity.

Third, I see being a missionary as being a true friend to the lonely. When I was in secondary school, I felt lonely and had but a few friends. We didn?t converse very much. One day an inspiring idea came into my mind: ?If possible, how good it would be in the future to be a friend to the young like me who have no friends!? As described in the following poem, I too like calling someone by his/her name and being his/her flower.

By personality I?m someone with a ?listening ear? rather than a ?talkative mouth.? Eventually I?ll be going to Vietnam. So when I get there I?d like to bring this with me and be God?s listening ear for those children and young people whom I will serve. _________________Br. Ignatius INDavao 14th September 2010


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