2014-01-17 FRANCE

With the swelling of the Gier

The flowing of the waters of the Gier, louder and more musical than in summer, seems to be announcing the beginnings of the new community at the Hermitage. Beginning the year, all those making it up have met for the first time, six Brothers and four lay persons. A new community journey, with Zuni from Paraguay and Paola from Mexico as new members. The accompaniment team of Br Brendan Geary, Mayte Ballaz and Br Javier Espinosa were present on the 4th of January for the first community day of reflection and exchange. The day’s programme was oriented towards building community based on the personal realities of the individuals and the possibilities offered by the experience of a mixed, international, interprovincial and intercultural community. 

The intensity of the day was not hampered by the generous participation of Br Jean Pierre in the whole programme. Open and sincere relations, fraternal joy, the festive sharing of the supper, not to mention the Scottish dance… made this day a true celebration of the spirit of the first Brothers we had remembered two days earlier at La Valla, with the eucharist and a simple supper of soup and potatoes, as at the origins. Thus we are reminded of the first intuitions of Champagnat in the newness of the present time, when as brothers and laity, sharing the same charism in equality and complementarity, we are all becoming converted into explorers of new Marist ways. 

Summing up the experience lived at the Hermitage, we continue affirming that our identity as brothers or laity is enriched in communion. The new relationship of brothers and lay people which allows us to develop our community is leading us to a new understanding of our respective vocations. On the basis of this communion, it gives us joy to continue welcoming brothers and laity from all over the Marist world.


L´Hermitage, 5 January 2014


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