2016-07-06 SRI LANKA

Workshops held in Asia as part of the ?Mission Sustainability Project?

Two self-sustainability workshops took place in Sri Lanka and in India earlier this month as a follow up to workshops held in Nairobi and Madagascar back in February.
June Alisson Westarb Cruz, collaborator of the Province Brasil Centro-Sul, led the workshops, accompanied by Brother Jorge Giao, Provincial Econome of the same province.
“The purpose is to respond to the call of the XXI General Chapter that we have on sustainability of the Marist Mission in Africa and Asia, which is something that isn’t just economic,” affirmed Brother Libardo Garzón, the Institute’s Econome General and member of the project’s team, who was among the participants. 
“Through tools, we wish to help them realize what their opportunities and realities are,” he told the general house press office on June 21. “After knowing the reality, they can know what needs to be strengthened, reduced or created.” 
The workshop in Sri Lanka was held from June 6 – 10 in Negombo, with 23 participants including two brothers of Pakistan, Brothers Samuel Bhatti and Farancis Rahmat, as well as brothers and laity of East Asia and South Asia Provinces as well as the Marist District of Asia.
The workshop in India was then held from June 13 – 18 in Trichy with brothers and laity of the India sector, province of South Asia, with 15 participants. 
Br Libardo explained that the provincial councillor of each Province should now organise another two nuances to analyse each work or presence and then send it to the working team.
Another meeting of the project’s ‘Global Team’ is expected to take place next January at the general house in Rome to organize a second phase and the path that each province should follow.
“The two weeks were quite productive, due to the commitment and dedication of the two groups, who worked all the time transparently and effectively,” remarked Brother Víctor Preciado, the project coordinator.
“Brothers Teofilo Minga and José Grande worked as translators with tireless dedication throughout the workshops,” affirmed Br Víctor.
June and Brothers Jorge and Libardo visited two schools, the provincial house and the production farm of chickens in Sri Lanka, as well as four schools in India, the Marcellin Trust project and respective communities in the country.
This project is being developed in three pilot provinces, one in Africa and one in Asia, with at least two representatives of each province.

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