2021-07-29 MEXICO

XVIII Provincial Chapter of Central Mexico

With the theme “Same mission, new and great challenges!”, the Province of MĂ©xico Central held its XVIII Provincial Chapter from 22 to 24 July. During the celebration, Br. Luis Felipe GonzĂĄlez began his service as Provincial, and the members of the Provincial Council were elected for the next three years. Brothers Juan Carlos Robles Gil, Irapuato community; Juan JesĂșs Franco, Pachuca community; Hugo Émerson JimĂ©nez, CUM CDMX community; Luis Felipe GonzĂĄlez, Provincial; Juan MontĂșfar, Acoxpa CDMX community; Rodrigo Espinosa, QuerĂ©taro community and Marco Soto, Ixtaltepec community.

In addition to the capitulants, Brothers Ernesto Sånchez (Superior General), João Carlos Do Prado (General Councillor), together with the incoming and outgoing Provincial of México Occidental, Brothers Luis Enrique Rodríguez and Miguel Ángel Santos were present. And also 6 lay Marists from the Province of México Central.

On the first day, 22 July, Brother Luis Felipe Gonzålez took up his mandate as Provincial and thanked Brother José Sånchez for his service during two three-year terms. For his part, Br. José Sånchez (Pepe) commented on the work done in the last three years. He highlighted the progress of the mission in the works, the organisational structure of the Province, the issues of government, management and administration.

During his participation, Br. Ernesto Sanchez, thanked Br. Pepe for his service: “We take with us the way in which Pepe led the way in a time of uncertainty, he managed to build teams, to encourage, to organise and to push… Thank you Pepe”.

On the second day, the proposals of the different working commissions were reviewed: – Marist life and mission: brothers, laity and formation – Marist mission: education and evangelisation – Management, animation and government – Financial matters.  At the conclusion of the approval of the lines of action, the brothers thanked the lay Marists for their participation in the two days of work.

On Saturday 24th July, the Brothers continued with the study and approval of the Norms of the Province.  This was followed by the election of the members of the next Provincial Council.

Before concluding the Chapter, Br. Ernesto said in his message: “I take away with me a very beautiful experience of fraternity, with the atmosphere of dialogue and harmony that was experienced during these days. The lines of action that you propose touch on the key points of the broad mission that you have in this Province… Let us put our energy into what generates life and future, in synergy with lay people, especially for the most needy. God is asking us to do this, and we have to move”.

Luis Enrique, incoming Provincial of MĂ©xico Occidental, emphasised that “something very important for us is to recognise what follows, and how good it is that we can continue to walk together. What it is up to Luis Felipe and me is to create a Marist Mexico. We are two Provinces, but in a Marist Mexico with the same mission, and new and great challenges. And after planting a tree symbolising the challenges and dreams of the new Council, Br. Luis Felipe GonzĂĄlez, the new Provincial of MĂ©xico Central, said: “May this tree represent the commitments and actions that we take with us in this Chapter”.



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